Global Market is growing for non woven fabric which is expected to grow to $45.87 billion. With the market growing 7% and the demand for the material is growing to grow. Parents are looking to find the right demand for hygiene products like diapers, training pants and feminine hygiene and personal care products. One of the key ingredients in all the products is non-woven fabrics. Here are some of the world’s leading non-woven fabrics which are dominating the global non-woven market.

Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics is the world’s largest non-woven producers with the endless list of the non-woven fabrics and non woven fabric types. Berry Plastics is a manufacturer of personal care applications among other things. There were formerly known as polymer group inc. Berry plastics further can strengthen its position in the world of manufacturing for diapers, feminine hygiene, etc.


Freudenberg performance materials is one of the leading global suppliers of innovative solutions for appliances such as automotive interiors, apparel, building materials, filtration and other hygiene materials. There are many companies which is offering manufacturing sites in more than 14 countries. The company has an apparel business which includes both woven and non-woven technologies which have reported good growth when it comes to sales.

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark corporation has one of the most robust non-woven products which produces more than thousands of non-woven plants around the world. They have 85% of this output consumed internally. They are mainly putting forth their foot on the number of market areas like filtration, construction, acoustics and other delivery systems.


DuPont is the world’s leading player when it comes to agriculture, material sciences and other technological innovative products. DuPont holds a strong position when it comes to non-woven medical packaging materials, graphics which can expand into many new areas like the lighting applications and other air cargo.


Ahlstrom is a high-performance fibre-based material which is partnering with leading materials around the world. Ahlstrom is known for filtration and performance speciality products. The filtration and performance business can include engines and industrial filtration, non-woven, wall covering, building and wind business. They generally specialise in food packaging, masking tape and other medical advanced filtration businesses.


Fitesa is one of the world’s largest non woven fabric manufacturers which are spread across eight countries. There are using hygiene, medical and industrial speciality applications. They can be continued to be installed throughout America and Europe. Due to their commitment towards commitment and investment, they have seen an increase in the sales volume, which can continue to grow in the hygiene market. This growth does not seem to slow down in recent days due to the changes in the industry.


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