The fashion industry is changing when it comes to creativity, style, trends and cross-culture variations. Today, the audience wants to consume fashion more than ever. Textiles and fashion world are bringing a lot of serious environmental concerns from manufacturing to landfills which can hurt the planet in every stage. There is a serious supply chain of textiles have made the industry become conscious to consume and create sustainable fabric.

Fashion is the second-largest polluting industry in the world, and the choice of textiles plays an important part in the world. The fashion industry has been revolving around limited range fabric. There are a few famous fabrics which one looks for when it comes to cotton, silk, leather and wool. Today, we see that the demand for the fabric has put a lot of strain on the limited resources. The fashion industry is dealing with a lot, and one has to make sure that they take the right steps to help solve these problems. The textile industry and the fashion industry are bringing in a lot of innovative and solutions which are taking the right step towards these problems in the quest to make the fashion world more sustainable.

Vegan Leather

Leather is generally made up of animal skin, but today leather is being made without having to harm any animal. Vegan leather is made from eco-friendly products like paper, bark, apple, pineapple, mushroom, Hana plant, Teak leaves, coffee, wine. This is a cruelty-free leather innovator turning anythings into the leather to make sure that everything was made eco-friendly. Vegan leather is made from many beautiful products which can be derived without having to kill any animal or the toxicity of tanning. This is one of the best-appreciated products as consumers are looking forward to consuming the leather more and more.

Alternatives to cotton

People love to wear cotton, and this is the reason it counts to 85.5% of all the natural fibres which is used in the industry. Cotton is the best fabric to be worn in any season, and the cultivation of the fabric requires a lot of consumption of freshwater. The problem is the fact that no matter how good the fabric fresh water consumption can make the fibres for expensive for us as well as the environment. Today, people are looking into alternatives from Hemp. Lotus and Nettles which are some of the fastest-growing plants and also consumes very little water. Pesticides are also used in very low quantity, helping ensure that soil is kept healthy as well as the environment. This is not it with them; they carry the good qualities of cotton as well like antibacterial, durability and resilient while being lightweight and durable.

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